SkyFire's Stuff - FFVII drabbles: n_t_p drabbles batch #2 (prompts 10-16)
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Date: 2008-06-11 13:26
Subject: FFVII drabbles: n_t_p drabbles batch #2 (prompts 10-16)
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More 100-word unofficial no_true_pair goodies! ;D
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10. Relations x 2 PG?
Prompt: Cloud (FFVII)/Sesshoumaru (InuYasha), in a threesome with any other character from your list

Cloud didn't quite remember how exactly he'd ended up in a relationship with Sephiroth. He remembered being introduced by Zack, and the next thing he knew they were living together and he was in the best – all right, only – relationship of his life.

Then they found out about Sesshoumaru, who had apparently come from another world only to end up in a tube in Hojo's lab.

They'd got him out and to safety, and the next thing he knew the chores and bed were divided in three instead of two and it was the best relationship of his life. Again.

11. Hit the Ground Running G
Prompt: Angeal and Sephiroth with the title “Hit the Ground Running”



“But I-”

“Shhh! Do you want him to wake up now?

Sephiroth grimaced. He wasn't quite sure how Angeal had managed to convince him to go along with his insane plan, but he thought it might be a bout of temporary insanity. How else could he have agreed?

They were in Genesis' quarters, and the man himself lay asleep on the bed in front of them, unaware of their intentions.

“Are you sure?” Sephiroth asked for what seemed the hundredth time.

Angeal nodded. “Birthdays are prank-days,” he said. “You do the nail polish, I'll get the curlers.”

12. Red Turk's Honor PG
Prompt: Chocobo and Reno: “Things will get better. I promise.”

Reno was a good Turk. He got to blow stuff up, kill the people that got in the way of finishing a mission, and liked it. There was something almost therapeutic about it.

He liked dealing out his fair share of pain to those who went against Shinra, but even he had limits.

When he saw a losing Chocobo being beaten by its owner after a race, he had no qualms about showing the guy exactly how he felt about that.

Afterwards, petting the soft crest-feathers of his new bird, he spoke softly. “Things will get better. I promise.”

13. Bonds PG(13?)
Prompt: Zack (FFVII) needs help that only Soubi (Loveless) can provide

“You're sure this goes there...?”


Zack looked doubtfully at the leather straps in his hands, turning them this way and that as he tried to figure them out. “You're sure.

Soubi looked over, amused. This man, this SOLDIER, had pulled him to this new world then asked him for a favor. How was he supposed to react upon hearing that the only reason was a desire to learn about Restraint? Or the bondage side of it, anyway.

“I know this guy...” Zack had said, but Soubi had seen the pictures; a tall, silver-haired man, and heart-shaped frames.

14. Red Means Trouble G
Prompt: Reno and Genesis: it's the end of the word as we know it, and I feel fine

Reno of the Turks and SOLDIER-First Genesis sat in the waiting area outside President Shinra's office and listened to the shouting from beyond the closed door with a sense of impending doom.

It had all started with a cask of Junon brandy and a friendly game of Truth or Dare which turned into a game of Dare or Dare since neither man ever picked Truth.

It ended when an irate President Shinra ordered a pink-haired Sephiroth and a tie-dye-suited Tseng to find out who had switched his cache of sweets for veggies.

“Cookie?” Reno offered.


15. The Edge of the Map G
Prompt: Angeal and Chocobo with the title “The Edge of the Map”

Angeal dismounted, pulled the map out from his Chocobo's saddle bag and opened it. A quick glance around, matching landmarks to the markings on the map. A frown as he found they had drifted quite a ways off-course during that last storm, into an area marked in red with sigil after sigil warning of traps and hazards both natural and not.

Luckily for them, the map was also marked with the one safe route through that mess. Another glance around. Right. They just had to head-

Hungry, his Chocobo bit off the edge of the map and swallowed.


16. Of All Places... PG13 / light R
Prompt: Zack/Vincent, weapon kink

They rolled apart, both panting for breath, covered in sweat and fluids from their previous activities. The ambient light from the cavern walls danced across sweat-shiny skin, lending it an eerie blue shine.

At last Zack sat up, reached for the clothes they had tossed away in the heat of passion, and they dressed.

“Whoo, that was fun!” Zack enthused, bouncing back with SOLDIER stamina. “So where is this again?”

Vincent settled his cloak in place, strapped Cerberus back to his thigh, and spoke. “The WEAPON's tongue,” he said.

“Kinky,” Zack grinned. “So... Want to do this again sometime?”

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JL Sigman: Reno--Tarot Fool
User: [info]jlsigman
Date: 2008-06-11 17:06 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Reno--Tarot Fool

Awww... Reno's a softy for cho's? ;-)

I've friended you, these have been some great drabbles.

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rabid_plotbunny: Seph - OMG cookies!
User: [info]rabid_plotbunny
Date: 2008-06-12 02:35 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Seph - OMG cookies!

Well, he has a bit of a soft spot for those critters that can't fight back... Non-human critters, that is. Doubt he'd have as much sympathy for people, somehow. ;)

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying them! :D

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User: [info]sphinxofthenile
Date: 2008-06-11 17:47 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Hahahaha, these were fabulous. Especially loved Red Means Trouble. Ingenious! XD

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rabid_plotbunny: Seph - OMG cookies!
User: [info]rabid_plotbunny
Date: 2008-06-12 02:36 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Seph - OMG cookies!

Hehehe... I'll admit that one and Hit the Ground Running are my favorites for this batch. ;)

I'm glad you liked them! Thanks! :DD

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